I Didn't Know This Was a Thing!

I've learned so much since I have become a mother. Who knew babies could be so difficult to put to sleep or to breastfeed. The learning curve for being a new parent is huge. But, there is one thing I learned that has brought me a lot of joy that I wish I had known of sooner.

We have all heard about "nursing to sleep" and there are many diverging opinions on whether you should do it or not. I won't get into that discussion here and now, but to say that I believe nursing to sleep is a normal and natural behaviour. I co-sleep with my baby after he does his first sleep in his room and breastfeed on demand through-out the night. Co-sleeping has kept me functional, since my little guy still has not mastered the art of "sleeping through the night".

Good morning!

The one interesting behaviour I have learned about is "nursing to wake".

It is through co-sleeping that I learned of this wonderful behaviour. At the end of the long night, baby and mom slowly wake up and greet the day with more breastfeeding. I was astonished to find that my little one, after a full night of feedings, would want to "nurse to wake". However, it seems that a breastfeeding is a gentle way to slowly wake up in the morning and not just for falling asleep.

So, if you are considering co-sleeping, there is another benefit you can take into consideration. Waking up and peacefully nursing my baby (and now toddler) to wake is one of my most cherished parts of my day. Especially now that I have gone back to working full time. We can lie there for a moment and slowly greet the day in a nice relaxing way, while also bonding.

- Tiffany