Back to Work - First 2 Weeks

An update from working mom Tiffany.
It’s been two weeks since I went back to work and so far things are going well. It’s nice to have time talking at an (almost) adult level and then going home to my little guy. When I walk through the door he crawls to me as fast as he can and is so excited – quite a nice welcome home.
definitely need more caffeine - chug chug chug

During my first few days of work, I found that I had to pump at 3 times during the day. Pumping was awful! It was noisy and uncomfortable for me. Kudos to the working moms that make it work.

After a few days, my milk production adjusted and I was able to just pump during my lunch break. I changed to just manually expressing and using the simple and quiet Haakaa pump. The silicone pump is much more comfortable and even seems to work better than the noisy and bulky electric pump.

nice portable Haakaa

Now, I find that I just have to pump when I feel that I need it (sometimes in the late afternoon). And I give my little guy plenty of milk in the morning and when I go home. I also co-sleep with him and let him nurse all he wants at night. I think co-sleeping has helped ensure that my milk hasn’t dried up. It is also a nice way to get my fix of baby cuddles.